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Spotlight: Enterprise

How an $9.5B unicorn fostered a culture of data protection among key company stakeholders while experiencing a 338% growth .

Spotlight: Innovator was ahead of the times when they brought innovative conversational ai to the market before the AI wave.

Spotlight: Together

Zoom is serious about cybersecurity, and Warmly was up for the challenge of meeting Zoom’s security needs.  Together, they found success.

What our customers say

"VioletX's insights helped ServiceTitan staff to understand the nuances that result in a successful incident response. One that reduces downtime, maintains public trust, and follows regulatory compliance."
Cassio Goldschmidt
CISO, ServiceTitan
“We knew we wanted to verify our organization’s security posture, as well as identify any existing security or policy / procedure gaps. VioletX had experts who we could rely on to answer our questions and provide guidance along our journey to becoming SOC 2 compliant.”
Andrew Coover
Co-Founder, Push
"VioletX helped us to get a deep, nuanced understanding so we could know where we’re at today and how to enhance our system as our business grows."
Hilary Mohs
Product, First Stop Health

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