How mastered SOC2 with VioletX and Vanta

How mastered SOC2 with VioletX and Vanta

Project overview raised over $20M in funding from Amazon, TechStars, Crosscut Ventures and more to create human conversational intelligence ahead of the trend.

With a remote team working across multiple continents, they identified the need for cybersecurity, data privacy and compliance that would protect the data that flowed through their system and built trust with customers.

Together, Vanta and VioletX built a lean, ongoing security program that put automation and efficiency at the center.

Jun 2023
Virtual CISO

Execution engaged with VioletX to bring on a Chief Information Security Officer early. This allowed them to make technology choices, bring expertise to their customers in the security phase of procurement, and build out security practices of their own.

They also knew, from customers and founder expertise, that a SOC2 report would be crucial in building trust with both mid-market and enterprise customers.

Key projects helped them to achieve their goals:

  • Vanta setup and ongoing management for continuous compliance
  • AWS integration to Vanta
  • From the AWS integration with Vanta, IAM guidance, ECR and security group updates
  • Ongoing strategy and execution from VioletX across critical security projects
  • Cross-company culture building with Slack support and live training

Project results has been able to scale their organization and earn the trust of customers like Intuit, Airmeet and Intermedia. Their team has built a secure product that continually maintains SOC2 compliance and is successful across internal and external auditing. Their investments have put them on track to succeed in the market, innovate new products for customers and return the confidence from investors.

How mastered SOC2 with VioletX and Vanta

What our clients say.

Hillary Mohs
First Stop Health

I’ve worked with VioletX across 2 companies now and they’ve provided thorough guidance, documentation and training that has allowed us improve our security policies and process. In healthcare, security is such an important component and VioletX helped us to get a deep, nuanced understanding so we could know where we’re at today and how to enhance our system as our business grows.

Rich Santo

VioletX has been wonderful to work with. They are extremely responsive and professional. VioletX gives us the peace of mind that our data is safe.

Cassio Goldschmidt
Service Titan

An incident response plan is critical for any business to continue operations in the event of an emergency, especially in the case of a cybersecurity attack. Using realistic scenarios, VioletX's insights helped ServiceTitan staff to understand the nuances that result in a successful incident response. One that reduces downtime, maintains public trust, and follows regulatory compliance.

Sara Reents
First Stop Health

Working with VioletX is a great experience. They are responsive, collaborative and knowledgeable during all stages of our engagement. I am very grateful for their willingness to educate not only me but my entire company on the importance of cybersecurity. Ten out of ten would recommend to others!

User Centered - Dev X Webflow Template

VioletX does not try to force fit us into a rigid philosophy. When we found them, we had turned down many vendors. They were the first to say, "We are going to build something that fits you."

Password Protected - Dev X Webflow Template
Director of Security

My leadership team told me that we were
passively shopping to be acquired. Things moved fast and I needed backup.  VioletX professionalized our program in month.

Innovation & Technology - Dev X Webflow Template
DevOps Engineer

Working with a Virtual CISO has given me the opportunity to take on cyber for my company. Vx fills in the blanks of information I don't know and I can take it from there.

User Centered - Dev X Webflow Template

I like to approve of every legal agreement that leaves our company. That said, hiring VioletX has been a huge weight off. I trust them to navigate customer closes for me.