Why VioletX?

In cybersecurity it is said that there are two teams: the red team (offensive security) and the blue team (defensive security).
We are the Violet team.
We do offensive security. We do defensive security.  We correlate across projects, systems and data to find the most urgent. We are business operators.

We started in 2019 as a small group of CISSPS and some data and analytics lovers

(Certified Information System Security Professionals)

Almost a decade before VioletX was founded in 2019, our
team met at IBM Security where we solved complex problems
for Fortune 500 customers.

Back then, predictive analytics and big data were emerging as
mega-trends.  We knew that the answer to solving wide-spread
cybersecurity issues would come from these advancements.

Fast-forward to today: we've joined dozens of teams in the
mid-market as their Chief Information Security Officer.

Our mission is two-fold:
To transform cybersecurity from a technical business service to an
operational business function.

To expedite the path and eliminate roadblocks for exceptional security
engineers to become Chief Information Security Officers.


Customer retention


Successful exits


Hours saved in hiring


Company growth

We do not want to be the team that only sees the way things have been in cybersecurity. We want to be the one that brings about the way things are going to be.

The core values that drive everything we do

Protect the customer

Be confident, act humble

Win together

Tell the truth


Solve hard problems

Come and visit us in one of our offices

HQ: Los Angeles, CA

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