Let's bring the best of Cybersecurity to fast-growing companies.

Tell us about your products and services; learn what we can do for your customers.

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Core areas where we seek  partners

Access and Identity

Efficient and effective ways for scaling companies to manage users and devices.

Penetration Testing

World-class penetration testers that can find vulnerabilities that others cannot.


Novel approaches to threat that are simple, but technologically powerful.

Security of Things

Companies that focus on being the best at securing narrow aspects of a technical environment like Wiz or Salt.

SOC2 Auditing

Audit firms that offer a strong market brand and help customers to become more secure through their process.

Niche Industries

Teams that are building technology solutions for niche segments like healthcare and financial services.

Why refer customers to VioletX

We compliment other services

VioletX works with auditors, law firms, outsourced Finance and HR firms and other consulting firms to cost-effectively implement reports and findings.

VC firms lean on VioletX to prepare for business events like M&A and IPO filings.

We compliment other technologies

Software tools provide the most value when they are used to their fullest.  VioletX can help your customers to get the most out of your product.

We stay in our lane

VioletX solely provides Virtual CISO services to customers. As a partner, we understand boundaries and execute on what we do the best.